Why Podcast?

Are Podcasts Good For Your Business?


Are you considering making a podcast for your business, but unsure if it will be worth the effort?

Well, creating a podcast can have many benefits for your business. It could be a more personable way to share your business and your expertise in your industry. It is a way to reach out to potential customers and build trust with them.

A podcast can be seen as a more intimate and personal way to reach out to new and potential customers. Most often, these potential customers are researching your business and industry so that they can be knowledgeable. They want to be sure that they will be making the best possible decision for themselves. A podcast allows you to have an outlet for your customers and potential customers to connect with you and your business.

They have the chance to hear about the things that you are passionate about and the values that you and your business stand for. They have the chance to hear you speak with authority and enthusiasm, which is sometimes lacking in the written word. The customer begins to feel connected and listening in to what you might share with them next. Customers tend to choose a company that they know are experts in their industry and who are sharing information with them that they might have never been shared before. You give them a personal insight into the industry that they’re interested in. It builds trust and it builds your brand.

Not to mention, it is always fascinating and captivating to hear someone passionate about their work and industry. A podcast mimics having a one-on-one conversation with a person. Podcasts have become so popular over the years because it feels like you are listening in on someone’s inner thoughts and knowledge about a specific topic. It feels as if you are listening to a friend explaining something to you. A podcast allows you to have potential customers get to know you better and to understand your values and the way that you run your business.

A podcast gives your audience more flexibility in how they listen to you. A lot of people listen to podcasts while driving in their cars, at the gym, at work, walking the dog, doing household chores, etc. It allows for a person to multi-task, which is what most of us need to do since there are only so few hours in the day. Listening to a podcast doesn’t require as much attention as it would if your customer was reading articles or websites. It gives them a more entertaining way to retain information.

Having a podcast with consistent episodes will give your business the brand awareness it deserves. You can develop your company’s brand and make it into a household name. Your subscribers or potential customers will be familiar with who you are, what your company is about, and what you want to achieve with your business. It gives your listeners a sense of transparency.

Since your listeners will become familiar with you and your business they will begin to trust you and believe that you are experienced in your industry. This will help when it comes time to integrate information about your products and services that you are selling and relate it to the podcast. Once you build a relationship with the listener and they are accustomed to you and your business they will be more open to taking your advice or recommendations when it comes to products and services. It will feel like less of a “sell” for them and more like a friend recommending something that they have had a positive outcome from.

A podcast is extremely beneficial to a business. If you have the time and resources to develop your own podcast for your business, you will see that it is worth the effort and it will be rewarding in the end.